Lmuget is a traditional ceremony for the Samburu tribe initiatives to upgrade from one age set to another after circumcision of boys to Morans. Morans will perform several celebrations before there are initiated into young elders and allowed to marry.
Lmuget Lelaing’oni which is a traditional Lmuget severally celebrated by the morans after which they are intiated into eldership as young elders. The Laing’oni (uncastrated bulls) which is slaughter during the ceremony signifies actually not the animal but the warrior whose time is up to the task of leading the young elders. The bull is a symbol that is sacrificed so that they transit to the next stage (Junior Elders) ….
Different pieces of meat are allocated to different age groups. During the ceremony, the very old age set will miss out eg Lkimaniki meaning their share is elsewhere, beyond the blue or underground, atua nkop (underground).
This Lmuget is currently been undertaken all the way from Ngiro , ldonyo up to Lpurkel. It is a retirement time for Lkishami generation to elderly bracket. Loip laang taanyunoi ….
Mowuo Elmalo ~ Blowing of kudu horn is an upto date instrument adored amongst the Butterfly people community (Namaanirai elmaalo anuu kenyaa kukutii). Kudu horn, during lorora (Samburu Traditional Settlement) times its always kept in the elders Naapo which is in middle of lorora and is used to pass special messages – while blown in different sounds. One sound to call warriors to assemble, and another to call elders to deliberate issues of importance. A serious siren is blown when under attack or something is seriously wrong in the community.
Naamanirai elmalo itasasa Kenyaa kukuti…