Photo: Pictures of the leaders who perished in plane crash in Marsabit,10th of April 2006 on a peace mission.
As the county commemorates the 11th anniversary of the Marsabit plane crash that killed six leaders on a peace mission, Laisamis sub county residents have called on other county residents to prioritise peace as a way to appreciate and honour 14 people who died in the Marsabit plane crash on April 10, 2006.
In interviews conducted by Radio Jangwani, several local residents said it’s important for them to reconcile and forge ahead with development as a way to honour the fallen leaders.
Francis Katelo, Kargi resident called on political leaders to ensure they preach peace and avoid divisive politics as the county gears towards the August general election.
“In this year 2017, we hope for good things as we elect new leaders. Number one priority in our wish list is peace. As the county residents we’ve learn’t a hard lesson. It’s important we all work hand in hand for peace to prevail in our midst. I lost my M.P Ngoyoni because we lack peace, we use to fight each other.” he added.
Meanwhile, Rose, a student said that peace is the only way to realize any development in the county and as a way to appreciate the leaders.
“Peace is the only way forward to stop the suffering of our people. We are facing so many challenges as county residents; if we fight it won’t take away our sufferings. We can all together practice truce and justice without corruption.” she said.
Karaba Sahado, another local Artist, urged the people of Marsabit County to continue promoting love, peace and unity across the county during this elections period.
“Today is a special day for us as we remember our fallen leaders. So far we have peace in the county, personally I’m happy. The biggest thing we want is love, because with love, we can inculcate peace and unity in our societies. The leaders died because we are killing one another. They were on a peace mission. Peace and unity should be practiced so that the people who wanted to create hatred will see peace from you through the love you have shown to others,” she said.
The residents said they are tired of killings and empty peace talks nothing that time has come for people from all tribes in Marsabit to shun hatred and unite in building a peaceful county which they will all be proud of.
Last year there anniversary was celebrated in Marsabit stadium where county leaders led the celebration.
Fourteen people died in the crash on April 10, 2006, including six MPs. The MPs were on a mission to reconcile warring local factions.