In the heart of Mathews Ranges Forest lies Kitich Camp,It smells of baked earth and sun-bleached grass. Beyond the edge of the ranges, thorn trees intertwined indigenous trees pan out towards a distant river of life that undulates in a shimmering heat-haze. We’re in the centre of the elephants’ home range; a landscape both stark and inhospitable, but which has a wild beauty that takes my breath away.
It’s surroundings is rich in bio-diversity that’s rare in the wilderness,mother nature sustains itself for various situation for Wildlife,People and the environment,this what makes Kitich Camp a magical destinations.
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Apart from adventure over the spectacular scenic landscapes,a trip through a Samburu village known as Ngilai strategically located on your route to camp add the taste of your adventure as you enjoy diversity of culture.
The camp overlooks the meandering river with a crystal clear cool waters of the rivers which flow through the forest,Enjoy swimming as you jump from the rock cliff into a pool.
The area is drained by countless tributaries from the surrounding Mountains ( Mathew ranges) which in turn drain their water into a permanent river known as Ngeny river.
An interactive sessions with guides on walking safaris,a group of Samburu Morans are the guides and for the lovers of nature walking in the Kitich forest is an ideal place to spend your holiday in the northern Kenya.
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Amazing location on earth where one get really up close and personal to the animals such as elephant, melanistic leopard, bushbuck, giant forest hog, buffalo, ancient cycads and spectacular butterflies reside here.
After tough day trip sit around the camp fire listening to the sounds of the bush as you enjoy a sweet Samburu traditional music,oral narratives and stories.


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The Kitich Camp consist of  six large semi-permanent tents, with an open stone wall reinforced bathroom (bucket shower,wash basin) found behind the tent. The tents are very luxurious with cosy beds, a cupboard and table, and a balcony.
There is a feeling of complete privacy at the camp as there are only six guest tents. Three of the tents have double beds and three of the tents have twin beds. Each tent is furnished in a classic luxurious safari style. The tents have beautiful views of the verdant Ngeny River.


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Dining under the stars and busk on the rocky decks at the Kitich camp gives you a feeling being in Africa ; a great way to refresh yourself. The cosy lounge with the open fire is most spectacular on the cooler evenings. Meals are served on the open decks,enjoy your delicious supper as a cool breeze sends you into a slumber land where lucky guests can sometimes hear the African hyenas laughing all nights.


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The main season is in January and February, when the weather is hottest and driest. At this time, the animals in the wildlife parks tend to congregate more around the watercourses, making them easier to spot.
Northern and eastern Kenya temperatures vary from highs of up to 40°C during the day to less than 20°C at night.
Rainfall in this area is sparse and, when it does occur, is often in the form of violent storms. July is usually the driest month, and November the wettest.