Photo: Kenya Red Cross Secretary General Abbas Guleid(Right) and Marsabit County Governor Ukur(Left) giving out meat to beneficiary in Dukana, Marsabit County
Kenya Red Cross slaughtered 1000 goats in Dukana Marsabit County as one way to tackle drought menace in the region.
After drought assessment report done by the same organization it was evident that residents of Dukana are in dire need of humanitarian aid and most particularly food, water and pasture for their animals.
Livestock is the main economic activity in the region and now the only source of livelihood is seriously affected due to dry spell being experienced in most parts of the county.
Over 60% of the livestock are already dead due to severe drought and families are left with nothing but to rely on humanitarian assistance.
Visiting Dukana you will be welcomed by heap of carcases and smelly environs a clear indication of the great loss and people are left in desperate situation.
Kenya Red Cross Secretary General Abass Guleid visited Dukana the day slaughtering of animals is done and distributed meat to the residents for consumption.
“This will help a lot in providing basic meal to the stricken families as fight against drought and nomads should be aware of these drought and they need to prepare themselves all the time” Says Abbas.
Speaking to residents of Dukana Abbas urged the residents to save the money distribute through cash transfer so as to do restocking of animals.
Kenya Red Cross bought a goat for Sh2000 after the animals is inspected by veterinary officers.
Marsabit County Governor Ukur Yattani also accompanied Red Cross boss to Dukana to access the situation on the ground.
In his Speech Marsabit County boss urged the residents to be patient and utilize small food distributed by the County government.
“We thank Red Cross for quick response in saving lives in Dukana since you are also the first to do a drought assessment in the region” Said Ukur.
He further urged other humanitarian organizations to support agencies like Red Cross in response to the drought menace in the region.
Recently Kenya Red Cross launch a plea to raise 1bn Ksh to assist in fighting drought in 23 counties severe stricken by drought.
“75% of the money raised through the program and other donation will go direct to support families in drought zones.” Said Abbas.