Photo: The Participants of the peace forum held at Koket Hotel in Ethiopia.

Ethiopia neighbors Kenya’s villages of Dukana and Maikona have always been a foreign policy priority because of obvious historic, geographic and strategic considerations.

On Wednesday a two day summit aimed on validation of  Dukana – Maikona peace declaration agreement between cross border communities of Kenya/Ethiopia and eventual signing of the same.

The summit funded by USAID and other partners was held at Koket Borana Hotel brought Borana and Gabbra elders of the two countries after signing of Maikona and Dukana Peace Accords two years ago that have improved the relations between the two communities.

Marsabit County Deputy Governor Solomon Gubo and Deputy Sub County Commissioners from Mandera, North Horr and Moyale also attended the forum as well as Moyale Court Magistrate.

“The diversity in our cultures is beautiful, lets celebrate it as we get out from this tribal cocoon, we’re sons from same father” Said Gubo. 

The historical connections and the common borders it shares, as well as long-standing links, cross-border ties and the normal cooperation among the communities across the border peoples of the over many centuries is the bedrock of the good relations that exist between Ethiopia and its neighbors.