Photography has became part and parcel of our lives. Smartphones, iPad, and tablets have simplified photography, we don’t have to purchase a camera, every smartphones and tablets conspicuous po with an in-built camera and some are very powerful to record high quality videos and photographs.
Despite the easy access to high quality smartphone cameras we are constantly faced with the risk of loosing favorite photographs either by loosing your phone or deleting them.
It is important to organize your photos. Good organization of photographs makes it easy for us to navigate through photographs easily and saves time, it makes it relatively easy to locate specific photographs we are interested in.
Here are some of the things you should try to keep your photos save wherever you go.
group folder, Keeping your photographs safe

Create a folder for your photographs

Creating a folder for your photographs is the first step to success. Create a main folder for your photographs and rename it. Give it an easy name that is easy memorable and easy to remember. This will make it easy for you to remember your photographs folder making it easy to retrieve it.

Grouping your photographs into folders

Most people dont group their photographs making it hard for them to retrieve such photographs. You should group your photographs according to date capture, events, location and time. Group your photographs makes it easy for you to manage your photographs in an organized manner making it easy for you to control your gallery.
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Rename your photographs

Most people don’t rename their photographs when saving them, this makes them hard to remember the names of the photographs. Renaming your photographs makes it easy for you to remember them when you need them. It also makes it easy for you to search for a specific photographs without flipping a dozen of folders.
After following the above steps you can now save you photographs in another devices you own for backup.