Northern Frontier Cultures

Kipsigis people of Kalenjin

Living in Kalenjin dominated part of Kenya for several years; I have gained adequate knowledge about who they are, where they come from and...

Samburu People

Exploring northern Kenya Tribes Traditional Huts

Housing is a special art that is diverse in every society in Africa, Civilization is crucial despite its gradual change in societies;...

Borana People

Rendille People

Rendile Community, Ceremony Of Transition To Warrior

The Rendille community calendar functions according to a procession of seven-or fourteen-year cycles, which is based on both lunar and solar aspects.

Rendille Historical Events and their time-line

Rendille Historical event can date many years ago. Medianorth is there to record and document those little unnoticed and never documented cultural aspects among...

The Selected People


Our Social Community


Turkana People

Gabbra People

Burji People

Daasanach People

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Northern Kenya Expedition

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