A little-known deadly disease identified as Kala-azar has become an epidemic to the residents of Laisamis Sub-county.

For several months now the disease has claimed many lives in the most affected areas of Loglogo, Laisamis, Korr and Kargi.

On Friday middle-aged woman from Parkishon and a child of about five years ailing from Korr were laid to rest after they succumbed to Kala-azar.

According to the family of the deceased boy, late, the was diagnosed with Kala-azar several months ago after which he was discharged after administration of treatment only to pass on Friday due to multiple health complications.

According to our sources, the woman was said to be unconscious with severe anaemia when she was being admitted on Wednesday.

Kala-azar, also known as Leishmaniasis, is mainly characterized by irregular bouts of fever, substantial weight loss, swelling of spleen and liver, and anemia.

According to The World Health Organisation (WHO), if the disease is not treated, the fatality rate in developing countries can be as high as 100% within two years.

Paying a visit to Laisamis Sub-County Hospital, the facility is overstretched by the influx of Kala-azar patients. The patients at the facility are now forced to share wards. Both men and women are currently sharing wards.

Earlier this year, the chief executive committee in charge of health Marsabit County Jama Wolde said there over 77 diagnosed cases in Marsabit and the number has since then been increasing.

The government interventions have not been sufficient since. County assembly health committee from Marsabit paid a visit to the cabinet secretary for health Sicily Kariuki where Kala-azar outbreak was discussed but they are yet to make public the measures they agreed to put in place.