A huge inferno believed to have started from one of the furniture store adjacent to the old Marsabit market has destroyed a section of the market destroying properties of unknown value.

Despite the effort by the good samaritans and the stalls owners to put off the fire they did not manage to but out the fire on time before it spread to the adjacent stores.

Their effort to call for help from the county firefighters department did not bore fruits. It is alleged that all the staff from that department have been sacked and the department have not yet done new recruitment.

Thought it is not yet clear why they were sacked and why new people have not been appoint to take up the responsibility.

The fire is now contained but recovery exercise is still ongoing in the market to bring down the situation to normalize.

Until now the cause of the fire have not been established but it is alleged that it may have been caused by an electricity offset.

The Market is used by the traders to sell goods like furniture, clothes, food staffs, indigenous and exortic cosmetics among many other products.