The Borana community characterizes one of largest of the Cushitic groups occupying the Horn of Africa. Their physical features, rich culture, traditions, and excellent language confirms clearly that they are not only native to this part of Africa but one of the most celebrated indomitable empire of all times. (If you are born as Borana and if you had the opportunity to be born and brought up in this wonderful empire, then you have every reason to celebrate and thank for God for this wonderful gift)
The word spelled Borana is pronounced with the last vowel silent. It refers to the people or their language and means “friend” or “kind person”. Thus, a bad person may be told he is not Borana. The Borana occupies parts of northeastern and eastern Africa like Ethiopia, Kenya, and Somali and even in other parts of global villages around the world.

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This indomitable empire of the Boran community is estimated at about 4 Million, a majority of them are found in Ethiopia but are spread from as far as northern Ethiopia in Oromia region (southern Tigray Region), mostly in Liban and Dire. Those on the Kenya side of the border live in a large area of northern Kenya. About 44% of the Kenya Borana lives in Marsabit County, into Isiolo, Tana River, and Garissa Counties. The heaviest concentration lives in Sololo and in Moyale District.

Those in Isiolo County are concentrated in Merti and Garba Tula (Waso Region). However, today some Borana populations have spread and are living in Nairobi and other major towns in Kenya. Because of indomitable, enlightening, spinning Borana empire for many years across the world, there are several peoples/tribes who now speak the Borana language or adopted their ways of lives such as Sakuye, Gabra, Orma, Arsi, Konso,Guji, Ajuuraan and Burji among others who are originally from the same roots of Liban territory with Borana community.