Photo: Fr. Vincenzo Molino with christians from Maikona Parish in Marsabit Diocese.

Fr. Vincent Molino was born in Alba (Italy) on 3/02/1929, he was ordained diocesan priest on 11/10/1953. Musician and poet, he was a teacher in the Seminary of Alba and assistant parish priest up to 30/09/1970, when he left Italy for Kenya,  joining other Fidei Donum confreres: fr. Venturino, Fr. Tablino e fr. Asteggiano. 

He lived in Maikona and Marsabit for 24 years. On 1994, he was called back to Alba diocese, where he served as parish priest in Santo Stefano Roero, up to his death, on 9/10/2017.

He worked with passion to increase in the first Catholic communities, expecially in Maikona, the use of Borana songs during celebrations.

He wrote music, listening carefully to traditional songs and with the help of fr. Tablino e the catechists, passed the Christian message through music and songs in kiborana. He also composed various songs about Maikona, in Italian.

The missionaries used to sing them to overcome isolation and fatigue. One of these songs went, o Maikona o Maikona tutta sassi, tutta sole e tutta spine/se per sempre in te restassi troverei la felicita’. (Oh Maikona, oh Maikona, you are only stones, sun and thorns. But if I could stay always here, I would find my happiness). From Christianity among the nomads, vol. 2 , fr. Paul Tablino.

Romans 14:8

If we live, we live for the Lord and if we die, we die for the lord. So we live or die, we belong to the Lord.