Asururiet falls are an important part of the scenery for Moi University and communities around the waterfall. It is one of the best hanging out locations for students during weekends, holidays and during first weeks of campus. During weekends students can be seen flocking to the breathtaking scenery to have a taste of nature near the roaring waters of Asururiet waterfall.naturewalk-flying
Asururiet is a Nandi word which refers to the falling of water from a height. The river which brought this feature into existence originates from Kesses dam.
The waterfall is a 15 minutes  walk from Moi University’s Soweto hostels. As you walk down the narrow hilly footpath you can see the flowing river meandering down the valley into a swarm. The roaring sound of water hitting the grey rocks hard can be heard from afar, the sound carried up by the strong cool wind from down the valley. As you get closer to the falls, the roaring gets louder and louder. The noise seems to get louder with every step.

The roaring sounds of the falling water is deafening, locking you out of the real world and taking you into a virtual world of joy and happiness. The cool breeze blended with sweet fragrance emitted by nearby flowery bushes perks up your spirit.
Asururiet falls are the perfect place for a quiet date or perhaps a nature walk as you behold the beautiful scenery. It gives you a chance to admire the beauty of Mother Nature