Lake Naivasha is one of the fresh water lakes that lie at the floor of the Rift Valley. It is home to wildlife including hippos and over 400 species of birds.
Lake Naivasha is a source of income for the locals around the lake. Some of the income generating activities for the locals is fishing and boat riding for both local and international tourists.
Hyacinth problem doing out of hand in Lake Naivasha

Hyacinth floating on Lake Naivasha

In the recent past the growth of water hyacinth on the lake has been rapid and the condition of the lake has deteriorated. Some of the, locals believe the lake is now beyond rescue. Some parts of the lake are, fully covered by the hyacinth making activities like fishing and transportation cumbersome.
According to Mr. Maasai, one of the men carrying out a boat riding business at the lake, the plant is making hard to navigate on the lake making them use more power from the engine which end up consuming a lot of petrol.
Visibility has been a big issue to fisherman. “Hyacinth is making visibility hard, a fisherman was bitten by a hippo a week ago” a fisherman narrated. The condition is worse and it will only take Mother Nature to untangle the web of weeds.