PICTURE: Former Governor Ukur Yattani seated(Middle) during the Pre Trial in Marsabit High Court

MARSABIT, Oct 17 2017 –Marsabit High Court today turned down former governor Ukur Yattani withdrawal of his petition in Marsabit High Court and to be heard on other courts challenging governor Muhamud Ali’s election victory.

Judge Said Chitembwe in the Marsabit High Court said that the court has rejected for the reason that it will bring inconviences in future cases of same weight if the request is accepted.

On his side Ukur’s requested through his lawyer argured that witnesses are intimidated to attend court hearing in Marsabit and there security is at stake.

Judge Said further gave reasons against the request saying that transporting witnesses will be costy and it will cause unneccessary inconviences in the case and if the request will be accepted it doesn’t directly challenge the outcome of the petition.

The court assured the witnesses maximum protection during and after the hearing as the law since they’re laid down procedures for the hearing of the case.

Judge Chitembwe issued a directive for the protection of election materials like ballot box since the court will be using it in making the decision.

On Thursday next week both parties were request to appear in the court with the final agreement regarding the case to continue or not.

Among those present on today’s sessions include Marsabit County Deputy Governor Solomon Gubo, amongst the other leaders.

Next hearing was schedule to happen on 13 November 2017 in the Marsabit high court.