Kalama Conservancy had the pleasure to host the aforementioned in a mega celebration and well organized event in the scenic Lgoita site. The theme of the event surrounded peace building initiatives and gender affairs spearheaded by NRT Women in Peace Building drawn from various communities far and wide in the NRT expanse of coverage of 37 conservancies. The cause is supported by Danish International Development Agency (DANIDA) which is the philanthropic arm of Republic of Denmark. Her Royal Highness had the opportunity to be oriented with NRT and NRT-T programmes spearheaded by CEO Mr. Tom Lalampaa.

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Various dignitaries were present led by host Governor H.E Moses K. Lenolkulal, Denmark Minister for Development Ulla Toernaes, Denmark Ambassador to Kenya Mette Knudsen, host County Commissioner, Samburu Girls Foundation CEO Dr. Josephine Kulea among others. The Women in Peace cause had the ample opportunity to interactively share their experiences with Her Royal Highness one on one followed by a luncheon catered by Samburu Saruni Lodge. NRT peace programmes have played major roles in coexistence of neighbouring communities, gender sensitization, community awareness, support of peace ambassadors, peace stakeholders logistical support and stability.