Hell’s gate national park is where magnificent sceneries reign and all you need to do is hiring a bike and hit the road through the park. It is well known for its spectaculars sceneries and wildlife that roam the park. Visiting hells gate will give you an opportunity to see sights that stays with you for the rest of your life. 15 kilometres Bike cycling to and from hells gate Gorge is most certainly a sight which will stay with me.
Hell’s gate national park has a lot to offer to the visitors and there is something for everybody. Some of the major attractions in the 62km2 parks include:
bike riding
The road from the main entrance that runs through savannah ecosystem. Hells gate harbours a wide variety of wildlife. According to KWS; there are over 100 species of birds in the park including buzzards, vultures, swifts and augur. Some of the common animals are elands, Thompson gazelles, zebra, baboons and African buffaloes. On our way to the gorge we saw a dead buffalo which had probably fallen from the cliff breaking every born in its body.
Fischer’s Tower is by the roadside and it is a good spot for rock climbers. In case you are an amateur there are experts who can help you with the activity. Personally I fear heights but if you are into climbing you should try Fischer’s Tower.
There are hot springs in the gorge which is worth seeing; the locals beliefs that the hot sulphureted water is good for skin diseases and dandruffs. The Olkaria Geothermal station is within the park and it is a good idea to drop by and see how engineering is at work.
Within the park there are tourist circuits, picnic sites and nature trails, campsites for accommodation can be found near. Some of these campsites are Oldubai Campsite on the cliff top south of Fischer’s Tower, Endchara Campsite across the gorge on the northern cliff and Nairburta campsite.
The most epic attraction is spectacular gorge walk. The gorge stretches for a few kilometres with every point with a story to tell. There are local guides who can help at a pocket-friendly fee.
When visiting Hell’s Gate it is important to pack drinking water, picnic items and camping equipment if you intend to spend a night.