Photo: Baby Qabale( 1 year Old) who was abandon by her mother.

A heartless mother abandoned her 1 year-old baby with a 5 year’s old boy and left for more than 3 days, even as the child suffers from breathing problems in Dakabaricha village, Marsabit County.

After Neighbours notified the area chief on the plight of the two children, The chief reported the issue to Marsabit Children offices who organized the police and visited a makeshift structure where the two kids were locked for those days.

The 5 year’s old boy told the police and media that he was taking care of his sister (Qabale) since the begin of this year and said that his mother used to come to the house rarely only to sleep and was mostly in an inebriated state.

Speaking to Radio Jangwani neighbor’s revealed to us the mother is a commercial sex worker in Marsabit town and she was spotted some days ago in town drunkard.

“Its very sad to see this beautiful angle suffering in this pathetic house, I urge neighbor’s to reported children abandon by their parents” Said Ogao.

Marsabit County Children Officer Mr Ogao rescued the 1 year old baby since she severely malnourished and suffers breathing problem and took her to Marsabit Refferal Hospital for medical attention.

The baby and her brother were later taken to the Missionaries of charity home in Marsabit.


The police are still pursuing the heartless mother in order to arrest her and take legal action.