Photo: A health officer disinfecting  Iltalian’s feets after removing Jiggers.
After Radio Jangwani exclusively covered the story of Iltalian Mosor, a mentally challenged man from Songa village of Sakuu Sub-County, the man was on Saturday rescued from a house where he has been living in a deplorable state for the last three years.
The man, 24, has been living in unhygienic two-roomed with no help at all.
The health of Iltalian has also been deteriorating after he was infested with jiggers which have greatly affected his feet and hands. The rescue exercise led by well-wishers Jack Wachira and his friends saw the man who developed the mental problem at the age of 18 years get treatment for the jiggers and clothes that will help him get a reprieve from the jigger pain.

Through their initiative to assist the young man, the team of well-wishers visited him with medical persons who gave him medicines for two weeks to improve his health conditions.
His mother lamented that she has been struggling to handle hm saying she was unable to continue taking him for medication due to lack of money.
“When my child got sick, I tried to seek medication in Marsabit hospital but I came to a point where I could not get even fare to enable me reach the hospital and since then I opted to just give up,” narrated his mother.
She cried that they are struggling even to get the meals and that she also goes out in search of any job so as to support her family at this time of the drought.
His mother lauded Radio Jangwani reporter Mario Kuraki who raised the alarm about the man saying from that point he has been able to get the needed assistance.
On his part Mr. Wachira explained they will ensure the man gets treatment of the jigger infestation and assign a community health worker to monitor the young man health until he is fully healed.
“We are going to ensure the young man is fully treated from jigger problem but I call upon charity organizations and government departments that deal with disability cases to come up and assist him to get medication and education,” said Wachira.
He castigated some leaders who are trying to hide such problems saying failure to expose similar challenges will only affect people from poor background.
Speaking to Radio Jangwani Jack pleaded to other well-wisher to join them to assist the young man to get a decent housing as one way to fully liberate him from jigger menace.
Mr. Kuraki said the government should put proper structures to ensure the money given for the persons with disabilities reach those who are affected. “We know there are several funds meant to help persons with disabilities but most of these funds do not help affected persons like this man who needs special care and therefore I urge the government to put up mechanism for proper utilization of the funds,” said Kuraki.
Mario Kuraki covered Iltalian’s story and also took personal initiative to buy him mattress and other basic belongings.