Photo:Governor Ukur and his team grand entry to Moyale Town,Marsabit County.

Marsabit governor Amb Ukur Yattani took his campaigns to his main opponents stronghold Moyale and Sololo region in a move to seek votes for his re-election bid.

Governor Ukur rally in Sololo was neither smooth as unknown sources reported skirmishes that forced the police to intervened and disparse the angry-mob using teargas while the following day in Moyale Town youths battle with police around Al-Yusra Hotel where the Governor Ukur’s team was meeting with Kona Tribes of Moyale.

Photo:A group of rowdy youths outside Al-Yusra Hotel, Moyale Town. 

Governor Yattani who defected from ODM party and formed his own ,Frontier Alliance Party (FAP) faces a stiff competition from former National Health Insurance Fund chairman Muhamud Ali who seeks to be elected on a jubilee ticket.

The county boss has been camping in North Horr Sub County and Laisamis for the last two weeks,North horr  being his home ground

Addressing the rally,governor Yattani said that his government has improved the security of the region as well as improving infrastructure promising that if re-elected,he will craft measures to reduce the cost of living in the county .

“Since the inception of devolution,Marsabit has achieved much compared to any other county and we will continue serving our people who are pastrolists”,he said.

The governor who was accompanied by Marsabit women rep Nasra Ibren and North horr Mp Chachu Ganya, promised to accept voter’s verdict on august 8.

On his part,North Horr Mp Chachu Ganya pledged to campaign peacefully and restrain his supporters.

“North horr is bigger than me and you,lets embrace peace on the remaining days before elections are held”,he explained.

The legislature promised that if re-elected he will improve education standards of his constituents having started Chalbi foundation which supports students in the area and takes credit for his CDF performance as one of the best in the region.

Ganya Chachu has a big test against former programs coordinator for an NGO PACIDA, Wario Guyo who is gaining momentum around Chalbi region following his new arrival in the political arena. 

His sentiments were echoed by women rep Nasra Ibrahim who asked youths to avoid being misused by politicians to cause chaos in political rallies in the county.

Of late, Narsa has faced rejection from locals who claims that she has not performed as expected giving Dr. Elizabeth Pantoren also know as Pantosh a breakthrough in her political campaign.

In 2013,governor Ukur Yattani garned 48,491 votes against Mr Muhamud’s 34,829 to become the first governor of the largest county in Kenya

Besides Muhamud Ali,governor yattani faces other rivals,Umuro sora Adano a US based consultant on a KANU ticket and Ibrahim Dambi on an ODM ticket.

The residents of Marsabit County are now battle between hard rock and soft surface on making there decision come August 8th as the two horse race intensified between the incumbent Governor Ukur and his opponent Muhamed Ali(Abshiro).