The Governor of Marsabit County H.E Mohamud. M. Ali, in the exercise of powers conferred upon him by section 45 (5) of the County Government Act, has made changes to the County Executive Committee members and Chief Officers with effect from today 16th November 2018 in a bid to enhance efficiency and strengthen accountability.
1. Dr. Jama Wolde who was previously the CEC Member for Roads and Public Works has been moved to Health Services swapping places with Lemereyan Timado who will now head the Department of Roads and Public Works.
2. Hussein Ali Abdi who was the CEC Member for Public Administration, County Coordination & ICT has been re-deployed to the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Enterprise Development and his position taken by Amina Chala who was previously the CEC Member for Trade, Industry, and Enterprise Development. Chief Officers who have been moved include:
3. Mr. Golich T. Dima from Health Services to the Department of Agriculture.
4. Ms. Fatuma M. Said from the Department of Lands and Urban Development to Tourism, Culture and Social Services.
5. Abdub Halake Bante has been appointed as the acting Chief Officer for Finance.
6. Bartabes Galmagar from the Department of Energy and Urban Development to Economic and Planning as Chief Officer.
7. Wario Bulle Sora from the Department of Tourism, Culture and Social Services to Public Works
and Housing Development.
8. Muktar. I. Guracha moved from Public Works and Housing to Lands and Urban Planning.
9. Fatuma Jillo Wario takes over as the new Chief Officer, Health Services.
10. Abdullahi Barako has been transferred from the Department of Finance and Economic Planning
to Energy and Urban Development.
Wako Boru Kosi
Director Governor’s Press Service