It is no doubt that Masai Mara is the best destination to visit in Kenya. Masai Mara is home to the big five: lion, elephant, rhino and cheetah and it’s the only place that you can witness the seventh wonder of the world, the wildebeest migration from Serengeti across the Nile crocodile invested Mara river into 1510km2 Masai Mara Ecosystem. Masai Mara national Reserve was established in the year 1961, due to its unique ecosystem and, to conserve wildlife in their immediate environment. Masai Mara is blessed with over 80 mammal species and more than 500 bird species.
Game drive at Maasai Mara
Our final stop after a six hours drive from Nakuru was the wildlife rich Masai Mara. Nakuru to Narok are linked with good tarmac road while Narok to the main reserve gate are linked by a good all weather road. We arrived at Keerorok Lodge shortly before lunch giving us some few minutes to relax and prepare for our first afternoon safari in the Mara.
There are several hotels and camping sites in Mara but it doesn’t matter where you will spend your glorious days in Mara since you will be spending most of your time out on game drive exploring all that it has to offer during your visit.
After a short rest we hopped into our van ready to go for a game drive within the reserve to search for all the wild animals we could find in the heart of Mara. We spent a few hours keeping our eyes wide open and our ears alert for any moving creature we could see or hear. It’s all out there you just have to pay attention for you to capture amazing moments in this magnificent part of Kenya. This animals blend perfectly with their environment and if you blink, you will miss a spectacular opportunity.
Game drive at Maasai Mara
Our first game drive in Mara led us into a leopard resting on top of a tree. It was so peaceful and calm that it never bothered about the world; we drove a bit closer to it. We couldn’t get so close to it since Mara has strict rules and tourists is not allowed to go off-road into the vegetation. Fortunately, it was close enough to study it using naked eyes (without binoculars).We captured some amazing pictures of this leopard to remind us our first drive in Mara before we moved further and further into the reserve.masai mara Our next stop brought us to a lioness and a lion mating . We stop our engine and remained calm and focused our cameras to capture the wonderful creature; king of the jungle and those moments before they walked away from the van. It is so amazing that we had been in Mara for a few hours and we had already seen two of the big cats. Do I have to say it or everyone knows that indeed Masai Mara is the place to visit for an opportunity to experience these big cats?
We needed to go back to the hotel before nightfall. Staying out in Masai Mara after dark is dangerous hence we had to go back before the sun sets.
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