File photo; Previous Endorsement.
The long-awaited day finally came to an end yesterday.
The Gabra Council of Elders officially endorsed Amb.Ukur Yattani,Governor Marsabit County for gubertorial seat.
Following the consultative meeting of Council of Elders (Hayus) and (Qalus) held at Kalacha.
The two aspirants from the tribe, Umuro Sora Adano popularly known as USA and incumbent Ukur Yattani appeared before the council to be vetted and later presented to the public.
The high profile meeting that lasted for days finally comes to an end as Amb.Ukur was finally endorsed as flag bearer by the section of the elders for to represent the Gabra Community in the coming general elections.
Later in the evening the caravan of the US based Consultant Umuro Sora rocked Marsabit County headquarters.
Photo: Umuro Sora Adano,Third from Right addressing members of public in Marsabit Yesterday.
In his speech Umuro told the gathering that he was endorsed by Gabra elders to represent the community.
“I was endorsed by over 2000 elders from as far as Ethiopia and Gabra Professionals” He says.
Addressing Members of the press USA said that he hasn’t met with Governor Ukur.
“I was in the meeting with Elders we never met with Ukur.” He says.
The current Governor Ukur Yattani is expected to hold rallies in the town later today.
The two had been engaging in supremacy battle as to who will raise the flag of the Gabra Community in Marsabit County.
For the recently concluded political endorsement it’s not clear who the community endorsed for the seat.