Dwellers of Chalbi Desert

Gabra community invites all people from Gabra community, friends and any other interested people to join them on 14th November to celebrate Gabra culture and its beauty
The Gabra (Gabbra or Gebra) people are Oromo-speaking camel pastoralist ethnic group occupying the arid Chalbi desert of Northern Kenya and the highlands of Southern Ethiopia. The name “Gabra” may have roots in the Oromo word Gabaro, meaning “vassal” and possibly indicating an association within the Borana federation.
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Just like their Rendille and Samburu counterparts Gabra will be celebrating their cultural night on 14th November. The night is an opportunity for interaction among people of Gabra origin who resides, works, study in urban centers and with those others at the grassroots and more so with other people of different cultures, different ethnic communities and races who wish to learn more about this community’s culture.
This year’s event theme is “OUR CULTURE, OUR PRIDE, OUR STRENGTH” and the aim of this events is for the Gabra people and their friends to have knowledge of their past history, origin and culture, say no to cultural differences that separate us from each other but rather promote cultural diversity that brings a collective strength that benefit all of humanity.
Traditional Gabra music and dances (DHIKIRR, GUMSI, HARR, WASOLE, SIRB GAALA) will reverberate at Bomas of Kenya where fans will celebrate this long awaited Gabra cultural Night. There will also be electric performance by Gabra musicians. Lovers of Traditional Gabra delicacies will also have a menu to choose from.
This event 2015 edition will be held at Bomas of Kenya, situated 10km from Nairobi city center, and about 1 km past main entrance of the game-filled Nairobi national park, off Langata/forest edge road.
Charges; the ticket entrance fee is Kshs 500 only.
The ticket is obtained at the gate on the D-day.
“Strength lies in our differences not in our similarities”