2015 has been a good year for most of us and as we approach New Year we have a bucket list of adventures for the year 2016. Our team has come up with five places to visit in Kenya come next year, this selection is based on our travel experience and advice from experienced tour drives like Dennis Sasati. As you plan for next you should consider adding these places into your travel list.

Safari game drive in Mara

Samburu National Park, Medianorth.co (5)
Everybody talks about beautify of Masai Mara. And perhaps the best way to enjoy it is by going for a safari game drive. Getting closer to wild animals is always a great adventure and it one of the most popular wildlife regions in Kenya, the experience can be delightful and thrilling.
Holidays to Kenya offer great safari destination including the famous Lake Nakuru, Masai Mara, and Lake Bogoria national park. Have the opportunity to watch many of the dangerous and rare animals from a safe distance, spot some beautiful birds and discover what Kenya safari Game drive has to offer. Game drive in Kenya is like no other and if you are yet to have that experience, why not add it to your 2016 bucket list?

Boat ride to central and southern islands national park

Five adventure to try in 2016. medianorth.co.ke
Sibiloi, Central Island and south island are world heritage sites located in northern Kenya, Lake Turkana region. They are stopover for migrating waterfowl and major breeding grounds for Nile crocodiles and hippopotamus. Visiting the three national parks is a life-time opportunity to encounter Nile crocodiles, puff-adder, and cobra, saw scaled viper and over 350 species of both aquatic and terrestrial birds. Lake Turkana can be accessed by both air and road. Malabo resort offers air transport to and from Wilson airport, Nairobi.

Cycling in hell’s gate

Five adventure to try in 2016. medianorth.co.ke
Cycling is always a great adventure and cycling in hell’s gate National Park is an experience that is bound to be memorable. Watch wild animals such as buffaloes and warthogs from a safe distance and discover your inner hunger for adventure exploring hell’s gate George and its environs in Naivasha.

Desert cruise in Chalbi

chalbi desert
If you are looking for adventure in northern Kenya you should cruise Chalbi desert from one end to another. The journey starts from Marsabit town down the mount to Maikona. From Maikona you drive across the desert to Kalacha (an oasis town) to North Horr and finally Lake Turkana.  Chalbi desert is the only true desert in Kenya and stretches from Mount Kulal to Kenya-Ethiopia board along Huri hills. The desert largely occupied by Gabra while Rendille inhabit southern parts of the desert. Learn about camel keeping and its significance in these communities as well as other culture activities of these tribes.

Enjoy white-sand beaches in Mombasa

Enjoy a breath taking view of India Ocean at Mombasa, South coast. There are both public and private beaches in Mombasa and depending on your preference you may go to any. For people who wish to mingle many people from Mombasa pirate beach is your spot.
Diani is one of the most exclusive locations to for Kenya beach vacation. For watersport lovers, the strong coastal winds and low tides provide excellent kite and windsurfing conditions. For those who which to dive, there are over 25 world class dive sites to explore.

Swimming and bird watching in Lake Baringo

Lake Baringo, medianorth.co.ke
Exploring Lake Baringo Region can be one of the best adventures of your travel in Rift Valley.  A boat ride in the lake to Ruko conservancy and the devil island is an opportunity to swim in the lake and enjoy warm saline water.  Roberts’s Camp is a good spot for early morning bird watching. You can also hire a boat around the lake for bird watching and viewing of hippos in the lake.
Experience the Lchamus people and their cultures. They resemble Samburu people and they share similar cultural practices
Kenyan Hospitability industry has grown over few decades and you area assured of good accommodation wherever you are. You can decide to spend you night in a resort, hotel, camp site, guest houses or a luxuries Spa.
Kenya is a hotbed of diversified cultures and wildlife, there is always something interesting and worth doing for every adventure seeker.