Maurice Egerton was born in the year 1875 in a animal park in great Britain.

Maurice Egerton was raised in a family of 5 people, his father, mother and his two siblings. His brother William was born in the year 1868 while sister Cecile was born in the year 1871.
Maurice Egerton was raised in a well-off family. From the year 1884 to 1895 he schooled in Britain after which he joined the navy.
He came to Kenya in the year 1920 when Kenya was a British colony. During colonization period British government used to give land to its ex-military as a token of appreciation for their service.

First House for Lord Egerton Built in 1920s
First House for Lord Egerton Built in 1920s

Maurice Egerton was given a piece of land in Nakuru-Njoro Region. The piece of land was about 44km. Despite the big size of the land he was able to manage its operations with the help of 16 workers who were assigned different roles in the castle.
Maurice Egerton inherited the title ‘Lord’ at the age of 45. The title was given to him upon the death of his father.
According to British customs he was not allowed to marry a commoner hence he had to marry a princess or a girl in the lineage of the Queen.At the age of 45 he married a princess from Austria.
In 1938,after returning from Britain Lord Egerton began a massive project of building a castle for his wife in Njoro. Building of the castle was so expensive he had to import construction materials from Britain. The castle designers were from Italy. Its tiles are made of zinc .The only Kenyan material used were stones from Njiru (Nairobi) and kinoo. The builders were from Italy and about 100 Red Indians who were among the technical labor team. Kenyans were part of labor team.
After one year of construction,the second world war began. Since Lord Egerton was a patriotic citizen to his country he had to stop the construction to go back to England to take part in the war.
After the end of the way in 1945 he came back to resume the construction of the castle which lasted for 9 years. the Castle has 52 room in total. See pictures of Lord Egerton Castle.
In the year 1954 his wife left him for a film marker who later became Lord.
Lord Egerton Castle
Love can change people’s life for ever. After the divorce he became hostile to woman. No woman was allowed anywhere around the castle. Women who dared to go anywhere near the castle risked losing their lives. Lord Egerton was a good hunter for both animals and trespassing women.
He lived loner in the castle until 1958 when he met his death. He died of a chest problem. He was Buried in Nakuru.
Lord Egerton played a role in kenyan education, he is the Founding father of Egerton University which was initially used to train European settlers.
Lord Egerton lived in Africa for 38 years.

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The castle is now used as tourist attraction site,and visited by both local and foreign tourists.