Our journey to Loiyangalani started from a small micro climate town of Marsabit down the slopes of Mount Marsabit through Chalbi desert to the shore of Lake Turkana. The journey was a bit rough but after hours of driving along the only dry desert in Kenya we were welcomed by the cool breeze from the lake. The road that leads to this tourist attraction town stretches along the shore for a distance of about 20km giving you a good view of the lake.

Unfortunately, we arrived a bit late when the entire beauty of the area was under the cover of darkness. We spent our night at the newly built Malabo resort which is a few kilometers from the lake. The resort is sandwiched between palms trees making it an oasis of refreshment in this dry and windy countryside.

Loiyangalani, small lakeshore town has the best best accommodation services for the visitors. Malabo Resort and Palm-shade resort are some of the best Lodges in the town. Delicious local dishes like fish won’t miss in menu list.

Adventure checklist
As adventure lovers, these are some of the things that we needed during our travel to Loiyangalani;

Exploring the lake

The following morning we woke up earlier enough to begin our quest for adventure. Our first stop was on the shore of a massive blue water Lake. Lake Turkana, the northerly rift valley lake, extends 290 Kilometers to the south of Ethiopian highlands. A Navy blue mass of water hence named Jade Sea, thus making it biosphere for human and water creatures.

On the east side of the lake the El-molo one of the extinct ethnic groups in world entirely depend on it, also Turkana and Rendille Speaking tribe depend on Lake Turkana in fishing for survival.
South and Central Island is at the middle of the lake making it best tourism destinations where one can watch wild Nile crocodiles of Lake Turkana mating at the shores of the Lake.
On the Island one can enjoy the watching species of birds as well as spectacular view of the blue waters as it flights and fight with itself as the sun goes down.

Learn Traditional culture and dances
Loiyangalani is inhabited by turkana, Samburu and Elmolo. These communities have unique traditional customs and dance that will mind blow you during your tour. Most lodges, resorts and campsites have traditional dance sessions at night to entertain their visitors as they enjoy their stay there. The people are also friendly and always willing to hold conversations to tell people about their cultures. Every person has a unique story to tell about their culture and live in this remote part of the country.

Koobi Fora National Museum
A visit to the museum at the lakeside will make your trip to Loiyangalani magical as you proceed to the El-Molo village where you can interact with El-Molo tribe, pray in their shrines and later get a fascinating boat ride across the lake.
Lake Turkana is referred to a cradle of mankind after the discovery of fossilized human remains at Koobi Fora.


Going to Loiyangalani by road is possible using various routes, Samburu-South Horr -Loiyangalani and Marsabit-Kargi-Loiyangalani route, the area has an airstrip and flying from Nairobi to Loiyangalani is possible.
Loiyangalani was a location for the film “The Constant Gardener”