Lake Baringo is one of the only two fresh water lakes in Kenya. The lake is fed by El Molo and Ol Arabel rivers. It is also the second largest lake in rift valley after Lake Turkana. the fresh water lake is a home to more than 450 bird species that service as the main tourist attraction after the hippos and crocodiles.
lake baringo
If you love camping and bird watching, Robert’s Camp is the best place to visit. You have a feel for nature as it unfolds from the early morning sun rise above the lake. There’s also morning bird watching and boat ride around the lake allowing you to experience hippos and crocodiles, both of which are consider harmless by the local Njemps people. The Njemps people are related to the Samburu and Maasai people – they speak a dialect of the maa language. Their main economical activities is fishing in the lake using small wooden boats and rearing of goats.
Being a fresh water lake it is home to a variety of fish and which has attracted a broad range of water birds. For a bird watcher there are plenty to be seen. The range includes; the African Fish Eagle, White-Faced Scops Owls, Paradise Flycatchers, Gabar Goshawks, and Marabou Storks. Some of the rear species found also include Hemprich’s Hornbill, the African Skimmer and the African Darter.
bird watching, Lake Baringo
In addition to bird watching you can also take a boat ride to deep waters away from the crocodiles and hippos under the guidance of a professional for fishing and swimming. I love swimming, and swimming in Lake Barringo was the best swimming experience I have ever had.
Lchamus of Lake baringo. (1)
Njemps is one of the minority tribes in Kenya and are found along the western side of Lake Baringo as well as on some of islands within the lake itself. Njemps people used to occupy the eastern side of the lake bordering Samburu, but due to constant conflicts with the Pokot, some twelve years ago, they have been forced to move from there original land. For people who want to experience there traditions and culture you need to visit Njemps village on the highland. Here you will have sip of their amazing stories, activities, dances, and let’s not forget their beautiful made guards, beads and many other handcrafts.
There is much to make you enjoy your visit to Lake Baringo. With help of the guides you can also visit a community conservancy on a island in the lake. The Conservency, which was started in the year 2007, houses giraffes, warthogs, ostriches, and Impalas. It is worth visiting the conservancy to get the perfect view of the whole lake.
Roberts camp, Lake Baringo
If you wish to drop by Robert’s Camp visit their website at for affordable rates. The camp has comfortable self contained coots cottages, coots banda (one room rondavels for up to three people), safari tents with double or single beds, and dome tents with double or single beds.