last weekend on Sunday I was traveling from Naivasha to Eldoret via Kabarnet where my friends and I were to attend a birthday party. the journey from Naivasha to Nakuru was a bit long because of the previous day hangover and also the thought that we were going back to our normal lives was boring.
On our way to Iten from Kabarnet, we stopped by one of the most dangerous and scary attraction sites in Kenya, Chebloch gorge. The gorge, which the  – Kabarnet – Iten road crosses, was probably formed some 100 years ago due to volcanic activities in the great Rift Valley. The gorge is about 10 meters wide and about 5 meters to the water level. After that, the depth to which the water runs is unknown and locals say it is impossible for any human being to determine the depth of the river at the Chebloch gorge point.
As dangerous as it may seem, there is a group of boys aged between 15 to 25 years who have earned their daily bread by jumping into the gorge. The boys were dangling dangerously on the bridge daring people to pay just Kshs. 300 and watch them take life-threatening plunge into the silent waters.
After paying the fee we waited and held our breath as one of the boys jumped from the rails into the water. We waited for what looked like forever for the boy to surface. Soon enough we saw him swimming to the crocodile infested shallow end.
To add to the gorge’s mystique, local legend has it that an army tank once fell into the gorge and that to date, no bodies or wreckage have ever been recovered.
Chebloch gorge is one of best attractions with Baringo county and it is only a day trip from Nakuru.
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