(Tall, Black, and Beautiful Burji Tribe Model)
Picture:Eve Elema Sante,During the recent Marsabit County Mrs. and Miss Tourism 2017.
is a Burji-Kenya’s top fashion model. She was born August 21 1993 and is currently 25 years of age. In the model photo above, Eve Sante is seen rocking a cotton chiffon long dress with a fox fur scarf, barefooted, brass necklace and bracelet.
Born in Dakabaricha,Marsabit Town, Burji to a Borana mother; Eve Sante luckily survived female genital mutilation at age 7. Her elder sisters were also forced to undergo a painful ritual but her parents said No to ritual that is a must in their community.
Eve Elema Sante is a gorgeous nomadic girl filled with compassion and blessed with inspiration. Apart from being a catwalk model in university, Eve Sante participated in Miss Tourism contest in her home County Marsabit in the year 2013 and 2017.
She is also engaged in a handful of charity projects – from being the lead trainer for upcoming beauty pageants in school and home.
When she isn’t working, she loves cooking, singing in the choir, teaching, dancing, and writing motivational articles.
Eve Sante was first introduced to the Modelling industry at the age of 16, In form two in her high school by a representative of the prestigious Models dubbed “Nomadic Queens”. However, due to secondary school commitments, she did not take it further as modelling was not her desire at that moment in time.
Having completed secondary school, Eve Sante secured admission to pursue Bachelor’s Degree in Public Relations at Jomo Kenyatta University, as she felt it would give her a wider choice career wise. The young aspiring model’s photos seen online, including the one shown above are quite charming.
Eve Sante is set to graduate December, 2017.
In an exclusive interview with Media North affirmed that her dream is to set up her Modeling Company in her home town with an aim to change local’s perspective that models is for ” rotten girls” To date; Eve Sante is self – represented as she believes that the only person who can fully work hard for her in securing the right deals, is herself.

Eve Sante has a lot to offer the fashion, modeling, and beauty industry. Model agencies, fashion designers and the likes, are advised to keep a keen eye on this rare nomadic beauty for future opportunities. It’s always good to see an African at the top 🙂