Being  in love with nature, i was looking for a place where i can enjoy my last days with my UK counterparts who came to Kenya to work with Balloon Venture a UK based organization helping entrepreneurs in Kenya to understand more about entrepreneurship and help them to pitch for loan to grow their existing business or start new business.
After consultation with the group we settled on Naivasha. Naivasha is a business and tourist attraction town on the heart of rift valley some 2 hours’ drive from Nairobi along fist class Nairobi-Nakuru road. Being a tourist attraction town we had some many option of campsites and modern hotels to choose from but we finally settled on Elsamere lodge.
medianorth, Elsamere Lodge
Elsamere lodge is the home for the famous joy Adamson and her husband George Adamson who pioneered conservation in Kenya. Joy Adamson has been searching for place they could call home, a place where they can easily blend modern life and nature.
Elsamere is haven for nature lovers and it gives you all that you deserve to enjoy in Naivasha. It is set in acacia forest on the shore of Lake Naivasha 22 kilometres from Naivasha town along Moi South Lake road.
I left in love with Elsamere the first day I visited the place and it’s on my top list of the places I look forward to visit again before we bid good bye 2015. The serene and beautiful environment and friendly staff is just a few facts that will make you to fall in love with this beautiful set conservation centre.
To cut the story short let me go straight to some of the amazing things that marks Elsamere a must visit destination in Naivasha Kenya.

Bird Watching

Bird-watching, Medianorth
With over 200 species of birds Elsamere is a paradise for bird watchers, one can easily spot the famous African fish eagle on a boat ride around the lake. Some of the bird species you can spot on the lodge are Koori bustard, Egyptian eagle, woodpeckers, and Greater kestrel, grosbeak-canary among others. The guides in the lodge will guide you for a nature walk around the compound to see birds and wildlife. They are well informed about the surrounding and they can give you valuable information and answer to all your queries about the lodge and its surrounding.

Wild Animals at a Close Range

elsamere lodge and conservation center
Elsamere prides itself on its resident black and white Columbus monkeys. Zebra, warthogs, Elands, giraffes frequent the centre giving you a breath taking experiences with wild animals. Hippos can be seen during the night and early morning hours grazing around the camp. Hippos can be very dangerous animals when you get in their territories since they are very territorial. It is always advisable to use designated paths around the lodge and walk in pairs during the night. You can also relax and sip your drink around the bonfire lit some meters from the dining hall.

Elsamere Museum

The museum house some of Joy’s paints portraying a range of interesting memorabilia  and different African cultures and communities, some of the equipment used by Adamson’s family and books written by Joy. There is also a shop in the museum where visitors can buy some custom made items and books.

Delicious meals and superb accommodation

Breakfast is the most important meal to start a day and at Elsamere they serve a heavy breakfast and finger licking buffet style lunch with a plenty outdoor eating tables. The dinner is served everyday as from six o’clock. Dinner time is the best opportunity to known other visitors who might be researchers or tourists who are exploring what mother nature has to offer is this serene environment.
Elsamere cottages are traditional and they have Africa feeling. The cottages can host 15-18 people while the newly built rooms can host up to 25 people in a room of four people. The outside veranda gives a good relaxing view of the lake.

Filed research Centre

This is the most important aspect for the pupils, teachers and local communities. The field research Centre provides an ample environment for the local community to learn more about environment conservation and recycling of waste into environmental friendly products, it provides education programs to the community. The Centre also provides conference and seminar facilities for both local and international delegates.

Get-way to other tourist attraction destinations

Elsamere is a central point to visit local sites like Hell’s Gate, Lake Nakuru National Park, Crate lake, and hiking to mount Longonot.