Eight Eritrean nationals, Fiori Abraham, Awet Gebrakustos, Yordanos Dawit, Hawariat Hajilat,  Abrehet Yacob, Kbrab Habte, Daiynom Gebremeskel, and Frezgi Teklit were on Wednesday morning arraigned in court after they were arrested for being in Kenya illegally.

According to the police the eight were found hiding in a culvert by officers who were on a normal night patrol on Tuesday within Qaliliwe Moyale Sub County.

On May 16, police intercepted 22 Ethiopians while they were being driven in two vehicles. This came barely two months after police rescued eight Eritreans while being smuggled through Kenya to Asia. 

The Ethiopians told police they had paid to be transported through Moyale border to Tanzania where they would connect to South Africa to seek greener pastures.

Cases of human smuggling have been on the rise in the region with hundreds of young men and women from Ethiopia finding their way into South Africa through Kenya in search of employment.