Dirib Gombo Chief Biqa Godana was on Sunday morning lynched by a blood-baying mob while in attendance of a funeral at Garr Qarsa Saku Sub-county.

The late Godana was murdered in cold-blood for allegedly taking a politically traitorous position against his own ethnic community in the county.

The deceased was allegedly earmarked by his assailants for speaking in derogatory terms about his community yesterday in his speech at a Wayyu Community launching event that was attended by the former Marsabit Governor and the current Labour Cabinet Secretary Amb.Ukur Yattani at Camp Henry grounds in Saku Sub-county.

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It is also alleged that the deceased got into the bad books of his assailants for reportedly making statements that never augured well with a section of his community members at a given political function during a political event hosted by the previous regime in the past.

The said irksome statements were purportedly pitting one ethnic community against another.

This is happening against the backdrop of the rapidly escalating tension and violence instigated by ethnic hostility witnessed on Saturday afternoon at Garr Gafarsa,Horonderr village.

Meanwhile Saku MP Ali Dido Rasso has in strong terms condemned the killing and termed it as a barbaric act that can never be justified in any set up or community.

“Every Kenyan is entitled to Freedom of speech and expression in this country,”Said Rasso.

The legislator has said that they will never condone any activities whose intents are hell-bent in perpetrating hatred or pitting one community against another in the county.

During a phone interview with the local media Rasso also called upon the security apparatus to act in haste and bring the culprits to book.

Mr.Rasso has called upon the security intelligence departments to carry out investigation to unearth the faces behind the instigation of the killing.

He has termed mob justice as a very crude and wayward means of dispute resolution in the society and should never be embraced at all.

Marsabit central OCPD, Joseph Mutende confirmed the incident, however declined to give further information stating that he was on a sick leave.