Northern frontier is rich, vast and unexplored, land full of hidden treasures, from the cultures, cultural diversity, magical landscapes and rich heritage of Wildlife heritage.
In the far north a semi-arid region, Marsabit County is a tourist hub with several tourist attractions. These include Marsabit National Park, Lake Paradise, Chalbi desert, Lake Turkana, Desert Museum, Sibiloi National Park, among others.
Apart from adventure to northern Kenya where our focus is based on beautiful cultures and how the communities peaceful coexist with nature, Marsabit National Park is situated at the heart of mount Marsabit a rich biodiversity for the people and wildlife, a habitat to a huge population of wild animals such as buffalo, elephants, giraffe, zebra, leopard and lion. The mountain also hosts many species of birds.

Wildlife and environmental conservation in northern Kenya suffers multiple threats in a wide range from climate change, population pressure, and poaching activities as far as across the Kenya-Ethiopia border, following this mitigation measures were set in the region and now several wildlife conservancies were started like Melako Conservancy (Laisamis), Songa and Shurr Conservancies around Mount Marsabit, In the lowlands stretching to Chalbi desert are four cluster, North Horr; Sarimo: Darade: Illeret and Hurri hills, Idhido, Forole(clusters).
Marsabit County is a home to more than twelve tribes in the north, including the fishing Daasanach and Turkana, at the shores of Lake Turkana, the camel-keepers Rendille (closely intertwined with Samburu), the Burji(Agribusiness tribe) and the Gabbra people in Chalbi desert and the nomadic Borana.
Attraction sites highlights
Lake Paradise

Within Marsabit National reserve, lies Lake paradise a small crater lake that has sustained life within the forest for decades. Apart from the animals, the lake is home to over 3000 bird species. Visiting The lake gives you a good feel of a micro-climate after a long drive through semi-arid part of the County. You can spend your night at Marsabit Lodge which is within the forest.
The Great Chalbi Desert.

Experience once in a lifetime opportunity in the only true desert in Kenya, Chalbi Desert. Chalbi desert resembles a sea of white sand stretching from Mount Kulal in the eastern side to Huri Hills on the east. there are several water-points (oasis) within the desert making live easy within the desert. Visit Maikona, Kalacha or North Horr to learn about Gabbra people before you last stop in Lake Turkana. Spend several days in Malabo Resort wish offers you the best accommodation in the lake region. Visitthe Malabo resort website for more information and their services.

Lake Turkana region

Lake Turkana is one of the unexploited places in Kenya. It has its great share to offer for the travels seeking adventure in the north. the region comprises of several travel destinations that worth visit. About ride to southern and central island national parks is a must every visitor who wish to explore the lake. There is everything for everyone, for fishermen, Malabo resort offer fishing boats and nets to the visitors. Kobi fora national reserve is a few kilometers away, with a 4*4 Land cruiser you can visit the reserve and maybe go for bird watching in mount Kulal. Mount Kulal is home for Kulal white eye.
Visiting Northern Kenya is easy with the newly tarmacked northern highway. The journey from Nairobi via Nanyuki and Isiolo may take several days of your visit if you plan to visit places like Ol Pejeta Conservancy, Il Ngwesi Lodge, Samburu National parks, and many other conservancies in the region.
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