Experience is the best teacher

Yes, experience is the best teacher. I believe that for everyone of us to understand the world and beyond. It is always good to have a taste for it and to experience the different living conditions and relations that people have whether that be in relation to their religion, culture, or personal perceptions about life.

I have never had an experience of spending ten weeks in a random family but this is the prospect I had the day I left Tea Hotel. This was my first experience living with people that I neither share blood or an existing friendship.

Let me go direct to the point, this is the best and the worst experience i have ever had. The host dad was a silent guy like me and we have never had a conversation for even five minutes. The only time we talk is when i wake up early in the morning, and in the evening when am coming from home.

I have tried to hold conversations with him, but what makes me sick sometimes is that whenever he is in the house he is always on his phone and pays little, if any, attention to my words. After a long struggle I gave up. That said, I am glad that I am used to the routine. I really don’t have that much to complain about.

My host mum is completely different. I like that she always engages us in a conversation whenever she is at home. She is one of those people that will always try to act like a police man, asking so many unnecessary questions; unaitwa nani? unatoka wapi? unaenda wapi? kufanya nini?. But at least she is social and understands what it means to have people around who are interested to have a word with you.

Wah! wah! I never knew vegetables can be cooked with milk, but this was once in a life time opportunity to taste typical Kalenjin delicacies. At first i thought it would taste good but it was so horrible and the following morning awoke with a terrible stomachache that lasted for three days. I come from a place where milk can be drunk, used for tea, or mixed with blood to form a pale concoction called Saroi (samburu) but not with vegetables. I have now learnt that every community uses different products for different purposes. I have never been into Ugali leave about Ugali and milky veggies. This is one of my bad experiences.

Living in a different family from people you are used to and away from your daily routine can proof to be tricky and hard, but it is always good to have different experience to make you a better you.

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