Picture: St.Teresa Girls,Marsabit Performing a choral verse on Female Genital Mutilation during the forum held at Catholic Hall,Marsabit.

“If sensitization fails, the law should take its course,” Said Sadia Araru.

Marsabit County Government will construct first rescue centre in Marsabit to provide refuge for girls who are threatened with forced circumcision and marriage, or rejection by their families for refusing the cut.

Speaking in Marsabit town in Marsabit County during a sensitization forum for children rights for enforcement officers,teachers,parents and pupils from Sakuu sub-county today, Mrs Araru however said the rescue centres would only be used as temporary refuge for such girls.

The interactive forum organized by The East African Center for Human Rights in partnership with MIO-NET focus on children protection, Female Genital Mutilation,End Child Marriage and reduce school drop out.

“Opportunities will by-pass girls from communities that still pursue FGM and other harmful cultural practices as they will not get jobs and other economic and social benefits associated with education,” said Mrs.Margaret.

She said that girls from the nomadic communities and others who are married off immediately after being cut remains bleak as they will not be able to compete with others from other parts of the country.

Mrs. Margeret Wawira asked communities to have a positive attitude towards the prohibition of FGM by the government as it was for their own good.

She further noted that culture was dynamic and those that are irrelevant and harmful like FGM should be discarded.

She further asked men to be in the forefront in the fight against FGM saying the negative effects of the practice affected them in as much as it affected women.

“The government only makes law to tackle bad conduct and not good ones hence the Prohibition of Female Genital Mutilation Act 2011 should be taken in the same spirit,” said Mrs Margaret,The East African Center for Human Rights Representative.

The EACH-Rights called for more collaboration between the government and development partners such as religious organizations and Non-Governmental Organization (NGO’s) to strengthened child protection policies mostly the female cut that is still very rampant in Marsabit County and was often carried out in secrecy by the perpetrators to evade arrest.