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The word spelled Borana is pronounced with the last vowel silent. It refers to the people or their language and means “friend” or “kind person”. Thus, a bad person may be told he is not Borana. The Borana occupies parts of the northeastern and eastern Africa like Ethiopia, Kenya, and Somali and even in other parts of global villages around the world.


Borana Greetings and their Response

Borana greetings are widely used across northern Kenya especially in Isiolo County and Marsabit County but Most of us especially non-speakers we really don't know what to use when and end up misusing the Borana greetings.

The Sakuye People and Their Origin

The Sakuye name comes from an old name for Marsabit, Saaku.  The group of Rendille who moved north from Marsabit were called Sakuye by the Borana. Sakuye People inhabit North Kenya, near the Ethiopian border. They go up to Godoma...

Borana Proverbs with English Translation Part 3

The speech of the Borana is the Oromo language closely related to the speech of two other Oromo groups, the Arsi, and the Guji. These three closely related forms of the Oromo language family are classified together...


Borana Cultural Festival 2017 Borana is part of a larger ethnic group, Oromo, They occupy northern Kenya and southern Ethiopia. The Borana social structure includes two moieties (kinship groups) Sabbo...

Exploring northern Kenya Tribes Traditional Huts

Housing is a special art that is diverse in every society in Africa, Civilization is crucial despite its gradual change in societies; Cultural heritage on the architectural design on housing is still treasured.Every culture in Northern Kenya...

Short history of abaa Gadaa madha Galma tore [the brave]

Madha Galma is the real man who make Haile Selassie to "bow" for him. The history repeats itself ironically if Oromoo Gadaa system destroyed it was his Gadaa time.

Borana Proverbs with English Translation Part 1

1. Obsan qalomanEnglish: Patience leads to an honourable position. 2. Chubbun tok daqabi, tok ordofi.English: You can be punished as you do sin on the spot. But for others, it can come later. Meaning: As for the punishment of sin, some are immediate;...

Borana Proverbs with English Translation Part 2

11. Woo injed’ini, woo jed warabesiEnglish : Do not say woo, say woo, the hyena taught people the correct way to howl.12. Hiyes Aad’ daltet jiba.English : A poor man is detested by his own mother.13. Afuran...

Cause of Tribal Conflicts In Northern Kenya

Tribal conflict is one of the major problems that are facing most Kenya community and mostly the nomadic communities. From the study on different languages spoken by different communities, most Kenya languages don't have appropriate words for conflict or...


The Borana Cultural Festival an annual event that no-one should ever miss be it a stranger or resident of the cradle (Marsabit, Kenya) Marsabit in itself is one of those places in northern Kenya one will never get enough of....




The Petrified Forest is approximately 5 km away from the Karsa Gate (the main entrance to the Sibiloi National Park). There are signs inside...


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