Borana Cultural Festival 2017

Borana is part of a larger ethnic group, Oromo, They occupy northern Kenya and southern Ethiopia.

The Borana social structure includes two moieties (kinship groups) Sabbo and Gona (By Borana law sabbo man can only marry a girl from the gona group, and vice versa.

Each of these two groups has its own ritual leader, the qaalu), five sub-moieties, 20 clans and some 60 lineages based primarily on patterns of male descent.

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Each with their own well and one man is known as the Aba Harega is assigned by the clan to manage this well. Sabbo is divided into three sub-groups, while Gona is divided into two broader sub-groups. Further, each Sub-group is broken down into a fixed number of clans, which are in turn divided into lineages.

This is a very difficult system to describe fully and is not really important to an understanding of the Borana way of life.

It is enough to say that the term gona refers to one’s tribe, sub-group, and clan.

All children belong to the group, sub-group, clan, and lineage of their father.

Borana Tribe is sub-divided into several clans as listed below.

1.Sabbo Sadden-It consist of Karayu, Matari and Dikalu.

2.Gonna Balla-Is subdivided in two branches.√~Aroresa-Arslii, Hawaxuu, Qarcabduu, Warrajidaa, Maliyyuu, Dambituu, Noonituu.√~Fuleelle- Daacituu,Macituu,Galantuu,Sirayyuu,Banchituu,Konnituu.