11. Woo injed’ini, woo jed warabesi
English : Do not say woo, say woo, the hyena taught people the correct way to howl.
12. Hiyes Aad’ daltet jiba.
English : A poor man is detested by his own mother.
13. Afuran garacha tap’ata uftolcha.
English : One greedy for food makes himself playful.
14. Fardi arre kees ollu, dufu barata.
English : A horse that grazes, in the same field with donkey, learns how to fart.

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15. Ka duan egan jarsa kaduu dargagesa, jet sidamti
English : Those who are thought to be dying are the old, but those who actually die are the young; said sidam.
16. Mucha bou fed’u yabbin ir ejat
English : The boy who wanted to cry was stepped on by a calf.
17. D’a male inhorani faro male indhegan
English : Optimism leads to riches and pessimism leads to poverty.
18. Ulen yowal irat qaban ta abba murate taat.
English : If an argument over ownership arises about stick, the person who original cut it from the tree assumes ownership.
19. Jarsi tok wanjed’e, kijib an woma imbau, kijibilen woma naa imbau.
English : An old man said; I do not benefit from a lie and neither does a lie benefit from my lie
20. Mali ijeese warani lubbu kuta.
English : The plan kills, the weapon only does the deed .