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Borana Proverbs with English Translation Part 1

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1. Obsan qaloman
English: Patience leads to an honorable position.
2. Chubbun tok daqabi, tok ordofi.

English: You can be punished as you do sin on the spot. But for others it can come later. Meaning: As for the punishment of sin, some are immediate; and others come later.
3. Waan garan qabu arrabi namhata.

English: What was withheld as secret thought will come out through a slip of tongue.
4. Ilti allatin nyatu wahi ingartu ; gurri allatin nyatu wahi ind’agau.
English: An eye that the vultures peck at, does not see; an ear that the vultures peck at does not hear
5. Huqon darba alati, muyoni du dirsa alati.
English: The weak cow will blame whoever pushes it for its fall; the weak woman will blame her husband’s death for her downfall.
6. Arbi ilk ufi indadabu.
English: The elephant does not get tired carrying his heavy tusks.
7. At Mormad nafatu siimma.
English: You may deny that you were fed, but your body will tell.
8. Okon wan as anan fud jete.
English: A rake recommends that it be used first to fetch the rubbish that is nearest.
9. Arki tokochi naf indqu.
English: One hand alone cannot wash the body.
10. Ado an Gafa bou, Gur naramuran get aren.
English: The donkey lamented that while it was pleading for horns, its ears were cut off.

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