In ancient Borana tribe narration, Liban Watta was known to be one of the intelligent, wise and bravest Borana legends. He was respected Borana and in many occasions, he solved so many intrigue issues in Borana tribe and beyond. Liban was consulted widely on matters of great concerns and sensitivity on cultural aspects, this gave him a special role in the society. Met Liban!!!!!! A stranger from far land started a journey to visit Liban Watta to learn a lot about him and get wisdom too. journey to Liban’s village took him months to reach there, the scorching sun was so hard for him while the lonely night was his only companion. This was for a cup of wisdom from Liban. Finally, the visitor arrived in Liban’s village and cheerful villagers directed him to Liban’s homestead where he was warmheartedly welcomed by the wise leader ever lived in Borana tribe history. In the evening Liban asked the visitor to say his preference on special Borana meals. Is it milk, meat or other foodies of that time. Visitor: “I’m comfortable with anything that your family eat usually” Liban went to his herds ” Boma” and fetched a ram which he slaughtered for his visitors. Upon slaughtering the ram,  he asked his visitor whether his preference is meat or blood. Visitor openly replied just meat. The meal was prepared, Liban and his visitor feasted together in happiness and retired to their beds tired after a long day of interaction and learning for the visitor. Early in next morning, the visitor wakes up early ready for the journey back home. Accodring to the Borana traditions, the host (Liban Watta) should see him out and gave him his final words. “When I asked you about your food based  preference on our culture, your response is I’m Okay” Lesson: You don’t get enough if you say you have got enough of nothing”