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Borana Greetings!!!

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Borana language is one of those cushitic language that can easily be learnt.

Borana greeting are widely used across northern Kenya especially in Isiolo County and Marsabit County but some people really don’t know what to use when, and end up misusing the borana greetings….
Here medianorth have suggestion and outline Borana greetings and their response depending on gender and time of the day, :
Babarot kae–> (plural form), morning greeting. (singular forms: baran katte (male) bartun katte (female)
Olman badada —-> (past midday till evening)
Galchumi wolgul galle —>evening (from lets say 5:30pm till 8:pm)
Rabb karra siharin/ qorratin sithur injirt—> when one is on a journey.
Yoyya—> used any time,(mostly used to greet someone older than you)
Jajabo(plural), jabba(male) jabthu (female) —-> any time (mostly used to greet youth)
Dh’adh’o/urgao—-> generally used to ask the status of ones home.
Akam/fayya—> used when someone is sick!!!
People tend to use this greeting any other time.
Any greeting having “NAGAA” eg, nagaa bultan, nagaa oltan, etc. is used when in war or crisis!! it originated during the shifta wars, when people asked each other whether they were attacked or not.


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