Photo: Borana Elders showcase there beauty in Cultures,Marsabit County.
Held on 31st December, this year’s Borana Cultural Festival came as another biggest event of the year in Marsabit-coming days after Christmas.
Boranas in Saku Constituency and some who even travelled from beyond converged at Gadamoji location in Sagante/Jaldesa Ward for the ceremony.
It was a showcase of the culture and traditions of Borana community that resides in Saku Constituencey.
Different neighboring communities like Rendille, Samburu, Gabra, Burji and Konso attended the ceremony.
Elders who attended the ceremony said they were proud to have a good tradition and culture while young people were encouraged to promote and preserve the beauty of their culture.
Borana tribes might be numerous but their fascinating customs and religious beliefs are entirely unique.
People who attended the ceremony were entertained by different cultural dances and traditional foods.
“I learnt a lot about my culture that my grandmother and parents had taught me. I am impressed by the dances and the traditional food which we rarely eat at home. The festival is very nice and interactive.
The place has received lots of visits today thanks to this festival.” Said one jubilant youth.