Art of painting is for selected few who have talents or passion on the art but among Cushitic Woman of Marsabit County, it is a day-to-day practice, a way of life.
Hennah is one of the most affordable ingredients for body painting among Marsabit Woman.

Body painting is one of Kenya’s ancient practices that have survived the ages. Body paintings are a decorative beauty practice done by most Cushitic women to enhance their facial structure and beauty.
Women explore the delicate art of Henna (Henna is a reddish powder or paste made from the dried leaves of the henna bush). Body tattooing among Cushitic women is used not only for special occasions but also for beauty. Women tattoo their hands and legs drawing the different form of tattoos depending on the preference of the person.
According to some women that Medianorth interviewed, Body painting is very important to any woman since it makes them look and feel young and beautiful. “It raises my self-esteem and makes me feel comfortable and proud of myself,” said Halima.
One of the artists told Medianorth that she has been doing body painting for a long time, exploiting the God-given talent to keep women beautiful.
Body painting is becoming so popular in Kenya with the introduction of so many painting colors and materials in the market at affordable prices. Women can now use modern paints to color their eyes and lips to enhance their beauty.