If you are looking for the best place to spend your Easter Holiday, you should think about Mombasa…
Port town Mombasa is the second largest city in Kenya and one of the luxurious town in Kenya for tourist. It is located along the Kenya coast bordering Indian Ocean. The town grew as a trade town during and after pre-colonial era.
haller park
Mombasa is a tourist spot with a lot to offer in terms of places to visit, activities and best hotels to spend during your stay in Mombasa.
With its warm temperature, Mombasa is a magnificent place to visit during your vacation either solo, with friends or family. It has something for everybody. Touring the entire city could take a few weeks, so it is smart to plan your itinerary before embarking on your journey to the old coastal town. Mombasa has much to offer, from old Mombasa town down the sandy beaches to nature trails within the town.
Mombasa as a hotbed of beautifully sceneries and culture has a bucketful of activities and place to visit, here are some of the places that you must visit.
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Public and private beaches


Travel to Mombasa and Enjoy white-sand beaches and refreshing breeze from the ocean

One of the main reasons to visit Mombasa is its white sandy beaches that stretch for miles along the North and South Coasts. Whether you want to swim in the warm Indian Ocean waters, sunbathe, or do sailing, surfing or scuba-diving, Mombasa is the ideal place to be. Yet, the city offers more than wonderful beaches

Mombasa nightlife

Mombasa over enjoyable and diverse nightlife with numerous entertainment joints such dance clubs, discotheque and elegant restaurants where you can taste a wide range of ethnic foods and drinks. With diversify cuisines Mombasa is one of the famous travel destination in Kenya. From traditional Kenyan, British, or India cuisines Mombasa has it all for your taste.

Fort Jesus & Mombasa old town


Mombasa is one of the oldest towns in Kenya; it  carries diverse cultural history due to Portuguese, British and Arabs settlers. Mombasa has great architectural and amazing historical remains. Fort Jesus is a major relic of Mombasa’s history. Visit Fort Jesus and learn slave trade history during Portuguese era with numerous deserted cells and some of the artifacts exposed in the museum. Walking along the narrow streets of Mombasa old town and feel its atmosphere. The town marries both the Swahili and Arabic designs carved all over the places. You can find all the sorts of colonial buildings around Fort Jesus such as Treasure square and Mombasa Tusks.

Haller park nature trails

Haller park

Visit Haller Park and have the experience like no other

Haller Park is a haven to nature lovers; it is Mombasa’s largest animal sanctuary in the middle of urban trails. At Haller Park you can hava  a chance  of seeing the following
ANIMALS; Velvet monkey, Sykes’s monkeys, giraffes, hippopotamus, defas water-buck, zebra, buffaloes, eland etc.
REPTILES: Bush snake, strip–bellied sand snake,green mamba, black mamba crocodiles,monitor lizards etc.
FISH: Tilapia, yellow lungfish, catfish etc.
BIRDS: Crowned crane, yellow billed stork, marabout, and guinea fowl among others.
ANTHROPOIDS: Spiders, Red-legged millipedes, Wasps, Butterflies, Dung beetle and Honey bees.

Mamba Village centre

Mamba Centre

Mamba village centre, Mombasa

For the lovers of crocodile and its meat Mamba Village Centre is your place. The centre houses several crocodiles and a restaurant where you can enjoy crocodile meat.

Additional information

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