Photo: Rendille warriors posing for a picture in Korr village.
Tension is building up within rendille tribe in Marsabit as the search for spiritual leader  of an age is set begins.
The event known as “DABKABIR” is unique and is done during the last initiation of an age set after which the young initiated men are officially allowed to marry. The event marks the end of “moranism” and sets the stage for the initiation of a new age set. This is when the young men who are not married immediately after the event are then referred to “Chiriai”, hence the origin of ” GAAL CHIIR”.
Speaking on Mashujaa day celebration Laisamis MP Marcelino Arbele urged the religious leaders and security to visit Korr in Laisamis Constituency to intervene since a big battle is about to begin amongst rendille clans.
A young Moran from the same age set is secretly targeted and captured. He is then taken through a series of rites considered to be bordering witchcraft in order to cause mental confusion. According to the tradition, the young man automatically becomes mentally incapacitated. No clan or family wishes to have one of their young men chosen. This explains the tension that the cultural practice causes.
“The event itself is wondrous and zestful without being attached with such outdated harmful part of culture called “Dhaab kabir”. This Dhaab kabir happens to affect only ascertained clans like my clan Tupcha, Urawen and parts of Galtheilan where a victim persons is believed to be psychologically challenged and disabled” a quote from a Whatsapp chats among rendille elites.
“The warriors hunting down there fellows around Korr villages are known by the faces and names and any lawsuit comes after is considered null and void as we did notify people earlier before” WhatsApp Chat.
The wild and fierce cultural event is common among rendille and Samburu tribe but slightly different since samburu community is one of the most prestigious event since the identified person is given a lot of cows and also enjoy lots of privileges in the community. In Samburu culture there are certain families known to produce such leaders.