PICTURE: Alois Leadekei, Culture, Nature and Writer/Researcher.
Alois Leadekei is an ambitious, young and passionate writer and researcher in culture and nature in northern Kenya  (home to some of the best known cultures, people and magical landscapes)
Working at the heart of Samburuland Alois has explore a lot in Samburu culture as well documenting his work and writing of untold stories on most indigenous people and nature.

Whether you are at the beginning of your career or your are an experienced professional researcher on northern Kenya cultures and natural deversity Alois Leadekei is the right and the best adventist to look for.
Born, bread and working among the butterfly people (Samburu People) Alois is the right person to inform you about the Samburu people and the neighboring communities like rendille among many other tribes.
Medianorth has published several articles researched and written by Alois about the vastness Northern kenya.
“The nature and culture are my favorites, we all can learn a lot when we spend time in nature and see the life circle of any tangible living thing in this beautiful world” Say’s Alois.
His love for nature, photography and writing on cultures, Alois is a founder of Samburu Aboriginal Museum Forum, an online Facebook platform where he writes and share his experience about the beauty of the culture and stunning images through his photography techniques he had learnt from scratch to perfection in a short span of time.
“I believe knowledge make sense only when it’s shared and no one is a master in anything. I appreciate your suggestions, comments and point of view” Alois Leadekei.

Ultimately, any career arc needs to tell a coherent story. Early-career researchers need to make clear how their work ties together into a “meaningful, original research on culture, travel and nature” Medianorth believes on, “That’s what is all about.”
Medianorth today recognize Alois Leadekei for his work on research and writing and also being one of our contributor.
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