Early morning singing birds wakes you at the crack of the dawn, you and your sleepy traveling companions leave your safari camp and pile into the back of a van for one of your memorable safari tours. That is the magic beauty of Kenya.
Kenya is one of the leading travel destinations in Kenya. When visiting Kenya your vacation won’t be complete without a safari drive in Masai Mara, Tsavo national back, or Lake Nakuru national park- home flamingos and the endangered white rhino.
Important things to Consider Before Traveling To Kenya
There are various preparations you should make before leaving for your Kenyan safari. Before planning for anything it is advisable that you should be aware of the physical condition and the security of the region you wish to visit. Do some research about Kenya and, official Kenya travel websites will give you up-to-date information about Kenya and travel industry. With the information from your research and advice from your friends you can come up with a list of things to do, to help you prepare of the you next big travel to Kenya we have come up with a list of important things to consider before you heading to Kenya.

1.Pack lightly

There are few essential things that you should pack as you prepare for your Kenyan adventure. Packing light will not only save you time when traveling it also make easy for you to move around without worrying about your luggage, transportation may not also allow you to carry big luggage since you may have to travel by a boat or a small plane. Some of the important things to pack include: sunscreen, hat, camera, and light shades and colors detract sun. Don’t forget a sweater or jacket, Kenyan weather is unpredictable and it can get chilly during the night. Place like Aberdare National Park is cold almost all year round while Lake Baringo region gets cold during wee hours of the morning and late evening. You can check our earlier post about Ultimate Safari Game drive checklist.


You should have a passport with  validity of a minimum of 6 months from the time you arrive in Kenya. You should have two blank pages in your passport on arrival.
Visa is required when entering Kenya. You can get a visa at the airport or before you travel. You can visit evisa website for a single entry and transit visas and for other types of visa you can apply at the Kenyan Embassy or Kenyan High Commission.

3.A yellow fever vaccination card

It is required for entry into Kenya and other east African countries like Uganda and Tanzania. Before entering into malaria region like Kenya Malaria prophylactics are advisable.


Most places in Kenya accept both local and currencies like dollar and pounds. Banks in Kenya have ATM machines where you can use an international credit card to get Kenyan shillings. Most hotel and other service provides also accept international credit cards such as Visa cards and MasterCard.

5.Camera and communication

A safari is often a lifetime for most of the people, so you will not to document your entire safari through videos and photographs. You should consider in investing in good photography equipment like a camera and telephoto lens. Also pack some batteries to avoid running out of power during your trip. If you want to share your trip with friends and families back at home you can carry your WI-Fi enabled smartphone or buy a Kenyan sim card with some data bundles from Safaricom shop for less about $10. Enjoy a 3G internet connection in Kenya.

6.Chose a reputable safari company

Reputable tour company
There are many safari holiday companies in Kenya and you should consider a reputable one to allow you the opportunity to enjoy your Kenya safari in a way that suits you and you’re traveling companions. Wenza Safari is one of the best companies that offer safari tours, car hiring, camping and hotel booking. You can get in touch with Dennis Sasati on +254724461685 or drop him a mail at sasatidennis@gmail.com. Dennis Sasati has been in travel and tour industry has a driver for the last 8 years, he also worked as  a tour guide at Kisumu National Museum.

7.Search for best accommodation

malabo resort text advert
There are so many hotel, resorts, spas and camp sites that offer accommodation in Kenya you can choose from, you can also choose the type of accommodation that suits your travel need. From luxurious hotel to many campsite that offer intimate experience with the sight and sounds of the nature surrounding. For those visiting Lake Turkana and Kobi Fora national reserve we highly recommend Malabo resort for you.Visit their website for more information.
Getting prepared for your Kenya safari is a hassle in itself, but if you arrive will prepared you will certainly have a much more exciting and enjoyable trip of your life. Get in touch with us today to get real insights on best places to visit in Kenya, commendable tour holiday companies within Nakuru and best hotel, resorts, spas and camp sites in Nakuru, Samburu and northern Kenya.