Once we store our data in our memory card (SD Card), they become the most important part of our life, because it’s responsible to keep our data safe. Just like any other technology, a lot can go wrong with memory cards.

Here are some tips to keep Data save on your memory card

Format your memory card as soon as you buy it

Even if your memory card comes preformed it is important to format it with your Phone. Formatting your memory card with your phone makes it sure the memory card uses a file system your phone recognizes.

Allows leave an extra space in your memory card

Your phone has a section under settings that shows the amount of remaining space in your card. This amount of remaining space shown is only an estimate, so if you add more content when your card is full, you may corrupt the data on the memory card. Always leave extra space to avoid this problem.

Eject your memory card safely from the computer

When you’re done transferring your Date to your computer, make sure to eject your phone properly and don’t just yank out the USB cable. It may still be accessing it. Ejecting it will tell the computer to stop communicating with it, so you can eject it out safely. On Windows, there should be an icon in the lower right corner of your screen for safely removing USB media.

Turn off your phone before removing the memory card

This is one of the tasks we forget when we are dealing with our phones and memory cards. Please it is important to make sure before you remove the memory card your phone is off. There’s a chance you may remove it when the phone is still in using it, which could potentially damage files on the memory card.

Don’t use the same card on multiple phones

Most of Us have multiple phones that support memory cards, but have you ever asked yourself risks involved when sharing your memory cards between your phones. Many phones (even if made by the same manufacturer) may have different file system requirements, so sharing cards between phones may corrupt the data on the card destroying it.

Always use quality memory card

There are so any cheap memory cards out there in the market that can go for as low as Ksh 300. Avoid low quality memory cards that will cost you more in the long run. Personally I am a fan of SanDisk and Samsung.
Remember: using multiple memory cards is advisable to keep your Data safe.