Travel Activities and travel destinations in Kenya

Kenya is one of the major tourist attractions in East Africa. It offers every visitor an incredible array of attraction. Pink flamingo population of Lake Nakuru, snow-capped mountains, coastal city of Mombasa, plains of Samburu, wildest beast migration of Mara, healing hot springs of Baringo and light and impenetrable forests. These offer supreme opportunities for unforgettable adventure for every traveller.
To make it easy to plan your travel to Kenya, Medianorth have drafted a comprehensive list of travel destinations, cultural sites, events, and archeological sites. This list is endless and we promise to update it frequently.

Safaris in Kenya

Kenyan Safari is one of the major activities for every traveller in Kenya. Kenya safari is among the finest in Africa making Kenya the top safari destination in the world. Some of Safari destinations include:

  1. Camel/donkey rides in Northern Kenya.

Enjoy a ride on the back of a donkey or a camel at Samburu. Yare camel Camp offers a pocket friendly package for camel safari.

  1. Game drive

Kenya is known for its game drive activity for travelers who wish to learn about Kenyan wildlife and nature. Game drive dictation include Masai Mara, Lake Nakuru national Park, Lake Bogoria National park among many other parks in kenya.

  1. Balloon safari in Mara.

View the magical Masai Mara eco-system from above. This is one of the best Mara experiences you can get in Kenya.

  1. Dhow ride at Lamu.

Kenya coast, Lamu Island in particular has one of the best oceanic scenes in Kenya. Ride a dhow and have a life time experience in Lamu.

  1. Helicopter safari.

Book a flight with Malabo resort, the fight is from Wilson Airport in Nairobi to Lake Turkana, Loiyangalani town. Explore Lake Turkana and its environs on a helicopter.

  1. Boat ride to central and southern island in Lake Turkana.

Malabo resort is your best partner in Lake Turkana; they offer boat ride service to these islands and also fishing.

  1. Road trips

Kenya is well known for road trips and there are so many tour and travel companies that offer such packages with a group discount.

National Parks to Visit in Kenya

  1. Lake Nakuru national Park
  2. Kora Natonal Park
  3. Marsabit National Park/ reserve
  4. Saiwa Swamp National Park
  5. Ndere Island National Park
  6. Mount kenya National Park/reserve
  7. Meru National park
  8. Nairobi National Park
  9. Amboseli National Park
  10. Hell’s Gate National Park
  11. Mount Longonot National Park
  12. Southern Island National Park
  13. Central Island National Park
  14. Sibiloi National Park
  15. Ruma National Park
  16. Mount Elgon National Park
  17. Chyulu Hills National Park
  18. Aberdare national Park
  19. Ol Donyo Sabuk National Park
  20. Ol donyo Sabuk feature image
  21. Tsavo West National Park
  22. Tsavo East National Park

Museums to visit for your Kenya holiday destinations

  1. Lamu Museum
  2. Nairobi National Museum
  3. Kisumu National Museum
  4. Kitale Museum
  5. Kapenguria Museum
  6. Nairobi Snake park
  7. Narok Kisumu Museum
  8. Nyeri Museum
  9. Meru Museum
  10. Malindi Museum
  11. Loiyangalani Desert Museum
  12. Nairobi Gallery
  13. Tambach Museum

Archeologically Sites where you can visit in Kenya

  1. Koobi Fora – Lake Turkana
  2. Hyrax Hill pre-historical site – Nakuru
  3. Fort Jesus – Mombasa
  4. Olorgasalie pre-historic site –
  5. Kariandusi Pre-historic site – Lake Elmentatita

Where to visit for culture and heritage in Kenya

  1. Masai Mara market
  2. Yare camel comp
  3. Lamu old town
  4. Masai village in Mara
  5. Lake Turkana – Samburu, Rendille, Dasnach, Turkana Culture
  6. Sacred mijikenda Forest

Cultural events

  1. Maralal International camel derby
  2. Late Turkana cultural festival
  3. Kalacha Cultural Festival

Where to go hiking in Kenya for your destinations

  1. Ngong Hills – Nairobi
  2. Kakamega Forest Walk
  3. Mount Elgon Trekking
  4. Menengai crater – Nakuru
  5. Mount Kenya Technical Hiking
  6. Toroko Hills – Baringo
  7. Mount Longonot

Where to go for bird watching

  1. Elsamere lodge – Naivasha
  2. Robert’s camp – Lake Baringo
  3. Yare Camel Camp – Samburu
  4. Samburu National reserve – Samburu
  5. Mount Kulal b- Lake Turkana
  6. Lake Nakuru national Park