Naivasha is a small tourist attraction pot that lies on the floor of the rift valley. The name Naivasha come from a Masai word Naivasha which means turbulence. The name come as a result of the turbulent waves on Lake Naivasha.  Naivasha, as a small town, maybe has surprisingly much to offer to adventure lovers than may seems.  Here are 5 reasons why you should add Naivasha to your travel list.
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From hiking to wildlife watching

This is something I particularly loved. Naivasha is home to several animal species and you won’t miss a chance of seeing them while touring this area. Some of the animals in the area are buffaloes, monkeys, ostriches, giraffes, and elands. It also has a bucket full of many bird species which can be spotted at hells gate or around the lake. You can see African fish eagle while boat riding in Lake Naivasha. It’s very easy to travel around between sites and see wildlife rather than spending hours in buses and vans. Most sites are at a stone throw distance from each other.

Naivasha is quite affordable

Yes, Naivasha isn’t that expensive as you may think, it can be easily visited on a budget. From Nairobi or Nakuru, Naivasha is accessible by a standard road and both public and hired vehicles are available at a cheaper price.  People from Nairobi and Nakuru can easily take a day trip to Naivasha and have an adventure without having to incur other expenses like accommodation. For the international tourist, there are good hotels and lodges like Elsamere lodge and education center that offer good service at a pocket-friendly price, there are also camping sites which are incredibly cheap.

A boat ride in Lake Naivasha. Photo Credit Wilfred Letawa

Home to the highest rift valley lake

Did you know that Lake Naivasha is the highest rift valley lake? Yes, it is. According to the locals, crocodiles were once introduced into the lake but they died due to cold water. Lake Naivasha is perfect for boat riding, bird watching around the lake, it gives a good experience to learn from the locals what goes around the Lake.

Perfect for cycling and boat riding

Cycling to Hells Gate. Photo credit. Wilfred Letawa

Naivasha hells gate is perfect for cycling due to its good roads and clear road post at every junction. Cycling to Hells Gate is a perfect sporting activity. Cycling to and from Hells gate to the main entrance is about 15-kilometer exercise that you should try out. You don’t have to own a bike since locals can rent you a bicycle for as little as Ksh600. Mount Longonot offers hiking lovers an opportunity to hike its slopes to the creator and if you have enough gas you can walk around the magnificent creator.
Fischer’sTower – named after a Germany explorer (Gustaff Fischer) & alleged story Maasai community that there was a chief’s daughter who was going out for marriage then she had a last look of her home against their taboos. She turned to a rock. Rock climbing. Photo Credit Wilfred Letawa

Friendly people

During my visit to Naivasha, I meet many young people who are ready to share their experiences and party.  A good way to meet new people is touring this area. There are joints like hotels and restaurant where you can meet good people from different walks of life.
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